Commission information:

Status: Currently Accepting Commissions
Contact: Kunst (at)

What I will draw: My specialty is animals and fantasy creatures, though I am able and willing to do portraits of people as well. I refrain from doing art with mature subject matter and will not draw trademarked and/or copyrighted characters that do not belong to the commissioner, or in the case of gifts, the one(s) recieving the commission. I am capable of working realistically or in my own style (which is what most of the samples are in). To get a better idea of what I'm capable of doing browse around my portfolio and gallery.

What I work in: Media that I am not familiar with or techniques

Digital Art Corel Painter (X) or Adobe Photoshop (CS2)
Traditional Sketches Pencil, Pen
Inked Drawings Staedtler pens, Rapidograph technical pens, brush, or traditional "dip pen"
Black-and-White Drawings Inks (with pens listed above), Ink Wash, Pencils, or Charcoal
Colored Drawings Prismacolor, Derwent, and/or Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils, Markers, Gouache, Watercolor, Pastels, or a combination thereof

Payment: I accept cash, paypal, and checks. Art will be shipped upon reciept of payment (in the case of checks, once they have cleared). Deposits are required on any commission totaling more than $50.00 (minimum of $25 deposited after

General Pricing: Shipping is included in the cost of the image if it is shipped within the USA. Please note that particularly complex images or the addition of objects, backgrounds, or other characters may have an additional charge due to the time and effort that is required to do them. Also, a simple headshot or bust portrait may be priced less than the general shown depending on the desired detail. These prices are based on a "standard" full-body picture of a character except conbadges, which are generally busts.

Image Type


Samples: 1
$5-10.00 $10-15.00
Samples: 1,2,3
15-20.00 20-25.00
(15-20.00 b&w)
Samples: 1,2,3,4
10-15.00 15-20.00
Samples: 1,2,3,4
20-30.00 25-35.00
Expressive Line
25-50.00+ 30-100+
Samples: 1,2,3,4
35.00+ 40.00+
Samples: 1,2,3,4,5
40.00+ 50.00+
Charcoal or Pastels5
Samples: 1,2,3,4,5
-n/a- 60.00+

Current Commissions:
1. EAR Resources

Other Imortant Information: I retain all rights to the image, meaning I can sell prints and post the image on my website, in other online art galleries, and use it in my portfolio. The commissioner can contact me if they have questions about this, including purchasing rights to the image. You, as the commissioner, will have the right to use the image; specifically, you can create icons or avatars from it, but must note who drew it somewhere nearby if not on the image directly. You are not allowed to sell rights to the image, sell prints of the image, or any other actions that would violate copyright law (i.e. making money off of the image). If you have any questions concerning this please contact

On comissions that cost less than $20.00 you get one free revision, up to $40.00 you recieve two free revisions, and above that, three. There is an additional $5.00 charge

1- All digital work will include a high resolution (300dpi) copy of the image in either .psd or .riff form as well as .jpg, and additional $5.00 charge for any desired prints.
2- Standard traditional works will be done on 9"x 12" 100lb. Bristol Board unless otherwise specified, the cost increases for larger sized images and drops for smaller ones.
3-ConBages are approximately 3"x 4" and are generally portrait-style drawings (head or upper body images) with the name of the character included. Also for digital badges add $2.00 if you wish for a lanyard/clip, a high quality print of the image, and a badge holder (holder and clip/lanyard included with traditional badges).
4-"Color" pieces assumes that they are to be shaded. If you just want flat colors and no shading the price is less.

5-Charcoal pieces are done on high quality drawing paper (BFK Reives, Canson, etc.) of 9"x 12" or larger and sprayed with a fixative to prevent smudging. Pastels are done on pastelbord (a type of textured gessoboard), Canson paper, or ColourFix paper starting at 8"x 10" in size, these are more costly to ship.